Lemon Curd


To Our Valued Customers:

Dessert Classics is proud to present our delicious all natural Lemon Curd. Our recipe and procedure steps are on record at Virginia Beach Dept. of Agriculture. We also chose to submit the finished product to the Va. Tech Dept. of Food Science and Technology for further evaluation and testing to assure our customers of the of the exceptional taste, quality, freshness and safety of our product. We believe you will be as delighted with the finished product as we are!
Just a few great ways to serve. You will think of many more!

Topping for fresh fruit, butter and sugar cookies, cakes, pancakes, gingerbread, etc.
Filling for small tarts, cakes, and cupcakes.
Exceptional with our vanilla pound cake!
Layered as a parfait with fresh berries.
Elegant dessert served as a pudding in small deli dishes with dollop of whipped creme and a few berries.

June 1st, 2015, Dessert Classics was notified that our Lemon Curd had been approved to carry the Virginia’s Finest Trademark.


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